About Michelle as a Yoga Teacher...

Michelle Ploog, E-RYT, has a passion for life and a beautiful connection Treewith each person she comes in contact with.

Her intention is to create a transformational and opening experience that connects all, and give an opportunity to live a life that exceeds expectations.

Michelle has been given the opportunity to work withmusicians including Taylor Swift and Caitlin Evanson, professional athletes including a professional hockey team for three years, and television personalities.

She unites the yoga community as a lululemon ambassador alumnus and is the Yoga Expert for the Edge Magazine column "Yoga for YOU!"

Michelle is a yoga coach for teachers wanting to grow their teaching to the next level of greatness, yoga teacher for students nationwide, and has co-developed as well as facilitated three Yoga Alliance accredited teacher trainings.

Laughter and sharing her human experiences are the key ingredients to what make Michelle’s voice impactful and delightful!

She is the creator and leader of the “Wholistic Health and Happiness” life skills intensive program at Breaking Free that serves women and children recovering from the sex-trafficking industry.

Michelle was the Director of Bala Vinyasa Yoga for three years and continues to do consulting for yoga studios around America.

She is a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Kripalu Yoga teacher, Yoga Trance Dance leader, Pilates teacher, and ACE Personal Trainer.

Michelle Ploog teaches public classes, private groups and individuals, corporate yoga, workshops, and mentorship for yoga teachers to expand their teaching.

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“Michelle treats every class, every student, every being equally. It is through her constancy that she is able to create an utter feeling of peace in whoever is lucky enough to cross her path."
Yana V.
"As a professional hockey player I need to stay in optimal physical condition to perform my best. Integrating Michelle Ploog's yoga classes into my fitness regimen was essential for strength training and developing flexibility. Michelle's yoga classes were a critical element in advancing my hockey career."
D. Damon, Carolina Hurricanes Hockey, 2006-2008
“Michelle does a great job of creating a warm, friendly environment where beginning and advanced students sweat and stumble together. She isn't shy with physical assists and they really helped me understand how the asanas should feel and where my body could go. Michelle's classes are just like her: full of passion, laughter and joy!”
Chelsea S.


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