Hello my yoga teaching friends!

It’s clear that you’ve done a lot of work to become a yoga teacher. Between the spiritual, physical and mental practices, you’ve developed skills and new awareness that have created a sacred space for teaching.

That being said, sometimes as yoga teachers we get stuck:

Stuck in the same words, actions, class sequence, or financial structure.

Part of this could be from teaching too many of the same style of classes, but part of it could also be from holding yourself fearfully in one state.


As you may already be well aware, our minds work to create a reality that feels controlled. This control allows us to feel safe and secure. It works wonders for feeling stable and grounded, but also holds us in the same reality day after day, week after week (Groundhog's Day anybody?)


When we want to shift or change, the mind triggers fear. This could be a small change in a class sequence or big changes such as leaving a studio because it isn’t paying you well enough.

Fear is important to remind you of potential negative outcomes, but you also need a good balance of imagining potential positive outcomes. Once the mind feels like a decision could be equally as good as it could be bad, this balance guides you toward being able to trust your intuition.


Sometimes our fear is so loud that it’s guiding our decision-making and we can’t hear our intuition. Give yourself the positives. Remind your mind that you are safe to flow with change.


AND THEN follow these 3 tricks for getting out of your teaching rut:

  1. Read a new book, preferably one that has nothing to do with yoga.

You’ll gain new insight into people’s lives through reading something new and different. This is where a lot of relatable content for your class can come from. The journey Cheryl Strayed takes in “Wild” or the wonderful passion shared in “The War of Art” can trigger your mind to think in new ways.


  1. Go to a new fitness class, preferably one that has nothing to do with yoga.

When you bring your physical body into new movement, it will trigger fresh movement patterns and possibilities for transitions and even poses in your yoga classes. Try Zumba, Tai Chi, Bootcamp, or Twerk Out. Anything that gets you moving in a new way and out of your comfort zone is perfect!


  1. Go to a new class, new studio, and new teacher.

This is a GREAT way to get inspired! One thing to be aware of before you walk through that door, your mind must be opened. A new style of yoga often utilizes completely different alignment for different reasons than we’ve been taught. Go into class with a beginners mind and feel out what works for you. Look for what you like, not what you don’t like.

In other words, don’t be the pretentious, obnoxious teacher that goes into someone else’s class ready to judge and tell the teacher “what’s right and what’s wrong”. No one wants that attitude or mindset in their classroom, plus it doesn’t serve you to get out of your rut.

A fresh class, a new book, and a different style are sure to get you moving out of your teaching rut.


Thank you for reading!


Much Love and Big Smiles,

Michelle Ploog