A dear friend of mine told me that her New Years Resolution was to remove the clutter from her home. I found this to be an admirable goal that I could help her with. Then I realized it was something I could share with everyone here!

What you need to know about clutter is...

The biggest hurdle in clutter removal is the misconception that clutter is an entity. Clutter is not something you can pick up and throw out.

Clutter is the result of a series of habits that create upheaval throughout your space. Therefore, clutter is not easily removed.

The most successful way to rid your life of clutter is to change your habits. This is much more challenging than clearing the house out once every couple of months, but much more effective in making your home a stress-free environment.

I have a system that can lead you toward living in a clutter-free environment...

Try it for yourself:

1. See the clutter. What don’t you like dealing with or putting away? (Receipts? Papers? Cards? Random objects?

2. See where you pile up that particular clutter. Where do certain things tend to land? (Receipts on the bedroom dresser, junk mail on the kitchen island, cards on the coffee table?)

3. Strategize a convenient organizational system in the spots that you naturally want to throw the clutter. What could be an easy alternative to this? (Receipt folder in the top drawer of the dresser, a paper shredder in a pull out cabinet in the kitchen, a “card album” on your coffee table?)

4. Make it happen. Your organizational systems are in your go-to locations, now you just have to make a habit of using them. DO IT!


It takes a bit of preparation, but the result is worth it. Your home will be clutter-free and more relaxing.