Happy, beautiful 2017!

So remember I told you that I was in the process of creating something fun, new, and inspiring?!

Well it's here! It's launching... Right NOW!

I've taken the wild journey that makes my heart soar and turned it into a new v-log experience for 2017... and 2018.. and beyond!

It's called "Michelle Explores..."

Each week I'm trying something brand-spanking new and sharing the experience with you via my YouTube Channel and of course this newsletter.

My intention is to...

*inspire human connection
*get outside my comfort zone
*open minds and hearts to new ideas and perspectives
*live life to the fullest
*fly my freak flag and express myself authentically
*engage in community and... the biggest one...

***connect people of different lifestyles through the access of these video explorations to create more understanding, love, laughter, empathy, and joy in our world***

My hope is that we all get inspired by this journey; and we build a supportive online community that encourages exploration, acceptance, diversity, and happiness.

This is my heart and passion come to life! Let's have some fun together and enjoy the journey!
You can share my first exploration video (below) to get your peeps involved in the adventure too 🙂


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