This may seem like another dated and generic discussion about the roles placed upon us due to our born gender, but I hope to offer valuable and new thought-provoking concepts to share with you. Not only this, but also these words will share as a reminder to what we are working toward in an equality-driven society.

Imagine for a moment that each of us is not male or female and we have the exact same reproductive organs, hormones, and genitals. Consider that we are simply people, genderless people. As individuals we are born with unique qualities including our natural strengths and weaknesses as well as passions and personalities.

As we can all agree our strengths, weaknesses, passions and personalities play a critical role in how our lives play out. Born with boldness, decisiveness, empathy or creativity are all attributes that any human can be born with. Qualities, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses are genderless.

Now, in reality we are all born into a body that is identified as male or female, BUT our qualities remain genderless regardless of our genitals, hormones, or organs.

For example, I was born with a very bold, direct, and assertive personality that many people recognize as being born a leader. I was also born very passionate and compassionate. I have a personality that doesn’t shy from the spotlight and is ready to go to battle for what’s morally right.

What I’ve described to you is my truth. I was born this way, and I was born into a female body.

The qualities that I possess are genderless, but the roles that are put upon me as a woman are different than those of a man.

THANK GOODNESS I was born the daughter of a strong and bold father that encouraged me to be a leader and to never allow anyone, including teachers, principles, girls and boys, to put me into an inferior position based on my gender.

It really helped to have a father that told me to keep being me, especially with all the pressure of society to be less bold and less assertive in order to be more girl-like or feminine. It is because I was unconventionally encouraged to embrace my natural voice and uniqueness that I have been able to express myself authentically and use my God-given leadership qualities to make strides toward peace and equality.

I speak this today because I’m infuriated that there are people still trying to say that certain qualities are possessed solely by men and other qualities are possessed solely by women. This is simply untrue.

As soon as we begin to treat each other as equals having unique strengths we will develop immense equality and our species as a whole will excel. Imagine the people we are holding back due to gender roles. An incredibly nurturing man may be held back from a role as a daycare employee or an incredibly strategic woman could be held back from being an innovative CEO.

Would you say that the Dalai Lama is less of a man because he practices compassion, a quality considered “female”? Or would you consider that Margaret Thatcher less of a woman because she was in a leading political role that changed a country? I would certainly hope not.

And as it is true for these people, so it is true for us. We need to stop seeing things as okay for men or women to do but not the other gender, and begin seeing people as people. We are one species with two genders and many qualities.

Let’s empower each other to stand in our unique greatness, because we need everyone’s strengths for common good and a better world.

Remember as you move through your day and interact with others that Qualities ARE genderless.