Letter from Michelle...

Welcome to a place of love and support where you will find peace, discover your life's purpose, and connect with your soul!  I found my highest purpose after being faced with a crossroads. One option held staying in a relationship that provided financial security, yet I was unhappy and spiritually bankrupt. The other option held being alone, broke, unemployed and practically homeless yet having my heart’s dreams and spiritual integrity guiding the way.  I chose alone, broke, unemployed and practically homeless. I chose to take a leap of faith into the unknown and landed into my happiest life far beyond anything I could have imagined!

I am bursting with abundance, love and joy!  My spiritual awakening has led me to share my message of happiness, faith and love with you and the world. I want to see you light up and come alive with your happiest life and highest purpose!

Currently, I am finishing up my first Ebook “75 Pages to Your Happiest Life!” to be released summer 2014!  I encourage you to Subscribe to my YouTube channel Straight from the Heart for FREE, fast, and easy practices of happiness, peace and health including guided meditations, yoga-on-the-go, inspirational interviews, and 60-second insights!  To have these bits-o’-peace sent straight from my heart to your inbox, sign up for my newsletter here!

Please join workshops, intensives, and speaking events live!  Soon to be livestreamed around the world!  So if you can’t make it in person, you can participate through the web!

Thank you for being interested in living a life of passion and purpose.  I am so grateful that you have the desire to come alive and share your gifts with the world!  I would love to chat with you on Facebook, hear what you are up to, and support you in your greatest life!

In Light and Love,

Peace Be.

Michelle Ploog


Michelle Ploog inspires people to live passionately as a tv personality, an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, and as the Founder of the “Beyond Belief Walk for Peace.”

She is an “agent of change” when sharing stories of conflict in the world.  She focuses on solutions and empowers viewers to be the change they are ready to see in the world.  She has interviewed inspirational people such as Katie Spotz, Senator Scott Dibble, Carol Queen and Vednita Carter.

Over an eight-year period Michelle became certified in many styles of yoga including Baptiste Power Vinyasa, Kripalu Yoga, and Restorative Yoga.  She has had the honor of teaching an array of students from Taylor Swift to victims in recovery from sex-trafficking to hockey players for the North Carolina Hurricanes. More on her yoga bio here.

Her latest philanthropic endeavor is the “Beyond Belief Walk for Peace”.  The vision is to bring together people in a walk to celebrate peace and harmony for all.  Through mutual respect and love for humanity, we lead the world through our footprints in a movement for peace.

Michelle mission in life is woven through all of her work as her way of being.  Her life's mission: To connect people through love, joy and accepting differences to create a world of peace and freedom.