I have committed to making my 27th year of life on this planet my best year yet!  Each week will have a new activity or inspiration to live life to the fullest!  For example: compliment every person you speak with, try a new food, do an act of service for a stranger, sing in the shower, or write an email to some one you admire- each for one week.

Although it may seem like a random time of year to start a commitment to living life to the fullest, there is no time like the present to show up for ourselves, loved ones, communities and the world 100%.  Time is fleeting and we have the opportunity today to give 100%, love 100%, and experience 100%!   I ask that you join me in this commitment and partake in as many of the weekly commitments as possible!  I will be posting the commitments on my Facebook Page ( "Like" my page to get involved) and welcome you to come along for a miraculous ride of a lifetime! Now is the right time to live your best year yet.  Be courageous, be curious and be in love with life!

My declaration for the next 365 Days of my life:

I declare to expand the range of my heart’s unconditional love by generously listening to my family and friends, showing up to support the people I love, being involved in activities to support my community, and connecting with people of all walks of life. I commit to showing up to support my friends and family in their endeavors and building authentic, loving relationships with everyone that I can.  I commit to supporting and encouraging other’s greatness and to working together to create positive change.  I will practice love, kindness, forgiveness, curiosity, gratitude, generosity and compassion.

I will be a YES and be open to life’s infinite possibilities.  I commit to embracing new activities, people and places. I commit to staying focused and passionate on my purpose and loving my work. I will generously give everything I have and everything I am. I will do what I love and love what I do; and let the universe bring forth possibilities beyond my wildest dreams!

I will live my life to the fullest in the seemingly most mundane moments as well as the most exhilarating or traumatic moments.  This means saying what I need to say, doing what I need to do, and feeling what I need to feel; and I will practice awareness when fear or insecurity block me so that I am able to feel the fear and do it anyway.   I commit to embracing life while I have it and appreciating how fragile this ONE life is!