I've been spending a lot of time in my garden this summer.  My favorite part of my morning routine has become walking out my patio door to search for hidden vegetable-treasures.


I massage my bare feet into dewy blades of grass on a journey to my garden for fresh kale and chard to mix into my eggs.


I pluck their leaves with honor and search for living creatures. If I find a caterpillar or small spider, I simply return it to the earth knowing that each little critter has an important role in nurturing the garden.


I carry the greens back inside while breathing the fresh air of summer. I smile.  This is bliss. This is humanity.


I clean the kale and chard leaves in my kitchen sink brushing the texture of the plant with my fingertips. As the knife's blade moves through the stems a CRUNCH echoes throughout the kitchen.


I sauté the greens with olive oil and a pinch of pink sea salt. I can smell the earthy veggies shifting into my breakfast. I add my whisked eggs and cook.


Now, a moment to say 'Thank you' for being blessed with this delicious food, a gift from nature that my partner and I helped grow. Thank you to all the little critters that tended to the plants and for all the rain, sunshine, soil and fresh air this season that gave nourishment to these greens.


As I sit down to eat, with my steaming coffee beside my plate, I feel a combination of joy, gratitude, accomplishment, abundance, resourcefulness, and appreciation.


One of the greatest feelings I've ever felt - beyond pleasure or achievement.

These morning scrambled eggs taste better than anything I've ever had (and I've eaten a $250 kobe beef filet mignon from the highest ranked steakhouse in the US!)


Then I realized something...


I'm experiencing self-reliance with my food and unity with nature.


I don't just taste the deliciousness of veggies fresh from the soil; I also taste the appreciation of working together with nature to produce healthy goods.


Self-reliance is a key to feeling joy and freedom. When we shift our relationship with cooking to an experience of self-reliance, it is no longer a task, but a ritual of happiness and a blossoming relationship with the natural world.


Whether it's gardening, cooking, talking with your farmer/butcher/baker, or eating, there is a feeling beyond my explantation that comes from creating a deeper connection to the foods you consume AND self-reliance that you can be in charge of the elements that enter your body. 
Perhaps this week you can make room in your schedule to cook one meal from scratch, or go to your local farmer's market, or have a conversation with the person that has grown or prepared your food.

And if none of this fits into your schedule, perhaps you can take a moment before one of your meals to contemplate and appreciate all of the efforts and partnerships that went into creating the food that you are enjoying.

And then... say thank you 🙂

Much Love and BIG smiles,